$50 +

Dwarf Umbrella Tree
schefflera arboricola
An evergreen shrub that is
commonly grown as a houseplant
ceramic pot 11", tree 18' tall
$ 89.95

 A beautiful, low-maintenance plant,
Mica tray two feet long, trees 20' tall
$ 199.-

Can tolerate low light
Ceramic Pot 12" long,
tree 18" tall
$ 99.95

grows more strongly
 with high light and warmth
Ceramic pot 11" long,
 tree 20" tall
$ 79.95

The dwarf Schefflera can handle radical pruning
Rectangle Mica pot
 $ 89.95 

Don’t be afraid to prune the tree as needed
Miwha pot 10" in diameter,
tree 30" tall
$ 79.95

schefflera arboricola is a
great plant choice for beginners
Round Mica pot
 $ 89.95 

Miniature Weeping Crape Myrtle
Round Mica pot
$ 179.95

Lagerstroemia indica

Crape myrtle
Crepe myrtle

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