24 November 2010

Warm house Bonsai

There is no such thing as "indoor bonsai"; trees never grow indoors. 

Dwarf Schefflera
Umbrella tree
Hawaiian Bonsai

In discussions about keeping bonsai indoors, we refer to 'Cool House' Bonsai and 'Warm House' Bonsai. Cool House refers to trees that are not as cold tolerant, and need winter protection from freezing or severe cold. Most of these trees still need a winter hibernation period for their health. A sunny room where the temperatures can be kept Below 40° F. Most homes are too warm for these trees to be kept in the living areas of a home and with the mild winter we have here they are best kept out of doors.

Brazilian Raintree
Chloroleucon Tortum

ficus retusa
Banyan Fig
Here in the coastal Georgia/South Carolina area trees that can be kept in a warm house are best:
Ficus, Schefflera, Buttonwood, Norfolk Island Pine, Texas Ebony, Brazilian Raintree, Fukien Tea, Jacaranda, Black Olive, Nicodemia, Aralia, Jades.
Most important for successful indoor growing is sufficient light.  A sunny location or an artificial light source.
Indoor Plant Grow Light Guide

Even these grow best placed out of doors in summer.

Dwarf Jade
Portulacaria afra

Growing Bonsai Indoors (Brooklyn Botanic Garden All-Region Guide)  The Banyan Tree: A Novel     The Jacaranda Tree     The Umbrella Tree

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  1. Hey Dude,

    How clever are you? You have create an important and interesting site. For keeping bonsai indoors we refer to cool house bonsai and warm house bonsai. In cool house the tree does not tolerant cold and need winter protection form freezing or sever cold. Thanks for this site.



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