11 May 2012

After the other azaleas have stopped blooming

Rhododendron indicum
Satsuki hybrids

Satsuki means "fifth moon" of the lunar calendar,
and bloom in May and early June.
 To some these varieties extend  the Azalea flower season
to others they unacceptably bloom "out of season".......



The Azalea species need the soil to be moist and the air to be humid.
Azaleas are flamboyant flowering shrubs, producing masses of bright flowers

Shohin Satsuki Azalea "Goko"


From Robert Mahler's workshop
Joy of Bonsai 2009
Kawa Bonsai Society

"Goko" Satsuki Azalea is 
laden with pink blooms.

The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

The Azalea species need the soil to be moist and the air to be humid. Please remember that although these plants can be brought indoors for show at flowering time, They need to experience seasonal changes. In Savannah we can grow Satsuki out of doors year round, but in more northern areas some winter protection must be provided. They are a "Cool House" tree that needs winter protection from hard freezing and severe cold but still needs a winter hibernation period for their health. Most living areas of a home are kept too warm for these trees to thrive, but a sun room that can be kept just above freezing with out over heating is great.

Satsuki Azaleas for Bonsai and Azalea Enthusiasts Azaleas Bonsai Today #1 May - June 1989

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