20 March 2014

New leaves and flowers Spring Forth 2014

The 2014 spring equinox arrives at 12:57 p.m..

Vernal equinox on March 20

International Day of Happiness

 Live Happy 

South Coastal South Carolina and North Coastal Georgia

Acer palmatum
Japanese Maples

Spring Snowflake and  Daffodils

Spring Snowflake
(Leucojum vernum)

Magnolia × soulangeana (saucer magnolia)
Chinese magnolia

Chaenomeles japonica
Flowering Quince

Magnolia × soulangeana (saucer magnolia)
unique spring flowers 

Loropetalum chinense
 the fringe flower

Magnolia × soulangeana
 (saucer magnolia)

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  1. I love the pictures, it such a great thing to see when its 38 and rainy here in Boston. You have a great site by the way! Thanks for all the info.



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