29 August 2008

Workshops of the Past


Colin Lewis Workshop in Savannah

Colin Lewis has been working with the Larz Anderson Collection since 1998. He is the author of four books on bonsai and the founder of the Hô Yoku School of Bonsai. He has been a practicing bonsai artist for thirty years.
The Larz Anderson Collection at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston is the oldest collection of bonsai in the United States.

Ron Martin Bald Cypress Forest

Ron Martin was the proprietor of Tokonoma Bonsai located in Summerville, South Carolina.
Summerville Bonsai Study Group.
Ron used old/useless CDs under his trees to develop nebari.
Selected Publications by Ron Martin:
Bonsai and that Pesky Scalene Triangle
A Bonsai Soil Primer
Forest Plantings

Savannah Mall Live Oak Orchids

Tom Dimig Workshop

Tom is an artist and bonsai potter in Columbia, SC.

Handmade American container by Tom Dimig

Jim Moody Workshop

Jim Moody, founder of Jupiter Bonsai, began training the Brazilian Raintree as bonsai in 1978.

Hilton Head Island Talk

Tom Dimig Workshop;

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