20 February 2008


Watch new plants carefully for development of insect or disease problems. If detected early, these problems often can be corrected easily before serious damage is done. If ignored or unseen, they may become difficult to control. The three most common pests are spider mites, scales and mealy bugs.

Leaves wilted ------------------------------Too much or too little water
Too small or too large a pot
Leaves dropping off slowly -----------------Too much water
Leaves drop off suddenly--------------------Too dry, too cold, or gas
Bottom leaves are yellow--------------------A few are to be expected
Leaves are pale or yellowish----------------Too little or too much light
Lack of nitrogen or iron
Plant thin & etiolated ---------------------Too little light
Growth stunted------------------------------No drainage hole
Too heavy a soil mix
Leaves have dry tips------------------------Humidity too low or
soil too wet
Leaves rolling up---------------------------Cold Drafts, Insects

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