12 October 2008

Weeping Malpighia

Malpighia pendiculata or weeping malpighia. Its natural form is that of a low shrub with pendulous, weeping twigs and branches.
The flowers are rose-pink, often several together in a cyme.
It's fruit is small and inedible.
It has a weeping growth habit, cracked branches will heal, and leaves are pointed.
A low growing plant. This small shrub has arching dark brown stems with green leaves and pink flowers followed by red berries throughout the year. Excellent bonsai specimen. The creeping stems and sometimes exposed roots can create really interesting shapes.

Named for Marcello Malpighi, 17th century Italian professor of medicine and personal physician to Pope Innocent XII. Pioneering use of the microscope, he studied the circulatory and respiratory systems of all living things and arranged them in a hierarchical system, beginning with plants, above which were insects, then fishes, then the mammals, then man.

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