22 October 2016

A round leaf variety of Ficus microcarpa -Green Island fig

October 2016
Ficus microcarpa -Green Island fig

Robust tree that does well both indoors and out. Can tolerate low light, but grows more strongly with high light & warmth. Grows extensive banyan roots & has fruits. Ficus are tropical-prefer 55F°+. Never allow Ficus to freeze. Slightly moist soil, But do not let the soil dry out. Fertilize at one-third strength. Prune to maintain the size & shape. When the latex dries, it forms its own natural seal. Be aware that this latex can produce skin rashes on those who are sensitive. 

August 2012
Ficus microcarpa -Green Island fig

Fruits: Green, turning purplish black when mature,
fruits through much of the year.

Ficus microcarpa-Green Island fig
Figs are about 1/3 inch in diameter

Ficus microcarpa-Green Island fig

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