25 November 2009

Cogon grass confiscated at port

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists assigned to the port of Savannah have made more than 60 interceptions of cogon grass on commercial cargo containers since mid-October. Cogon grass is considered one of the 10 worst invasive plant species in the world.

Imperata cylindrica — Japanese blood grass
Hosta sp. — Dwarf hosta
Pinellia ternate — Pinellia

National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
July 14-22, 2007 

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has issued a statewide ban on the sale of Cogongrass(Imperata cylindrica), a non-native and aggressively invasive species of grass. The grass is sold under the names Japanese Blood Grass and Red Baron grass. Japanese Blood Grass is often grown as Kusamono Bonsai and as a Companion Plant (Shitakusa) for formal Bonsai Display.

Cogongrass Distribution - Southern United States

This plant is listed by:
United States: Noxious weed
Alabama: Class A noxious weed
California: Quarantine
Florida: Noxious weed
Hawaii: Noxious weed
Minnesota: Prohibited noxious weed
Mississippi: Noxious weed
North Carolina: Class A noxious weed
Oregon: Quarantine
South Carolina: Plant pest
Vermont: Class A noxious weed
Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' is excluded from quarantine in Oregon

USDA blog: 
A Management Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests

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