21 July 2013

Portulacaria afra- re-pot

  • Spekboom (lit., "fat pork tree")
  • Elephant's Food
  • Elephant Bush
  • Elephant Grass
  • Elephant-Plant
  • Olifantskos
  • Purslane Tree
  • Dwarf Jade 
  • Tiny Leaf Jade
  • Baby Jade 

Portulacaria afra to be re-potted

Re-pot a Baby Jade P. afra  bonsai every few years in the late spring when the daily low temps are above 50º F and high temps are above 90º F. 

remove any circling roots and
slice the bottom portion
of the dry root ball

P. afra needs to have a dry callous form
 over the cut root ends 

I use a soil-less compost with 40% red lava rock
and coarse, gritty sand.

Use a very well draining soil. Before re-potting, dry the soil out thoroughly.

Wires placed through holes

Bottom view

wire and screen attached to bottom of pot

Wires to stabilize the tree in the pot


After re-potting, keep a Baby Jade's soil dry for a few days then resume to water as needed

Sometimes I wind the wire around the trunk
if there are not enough of a root-ball to support the tree

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