06 November 2009

Nicodemia: Indoor Oak

Room Oak
Parlor Oak
Indoor Oak

Buddleia indica (BUD-lee-uh)

Nicodemia diversifolia

Buddleia indica:

Family: Loganiaceae

After the American botanist James Logan

Butterfly Bush......

This native to Madagascar is an evergreen shrub with alternate leaves that are reminiscent of oak leaves. Parlor Oak has light to dark brown bark laced with bright stripes. The simple yellow flowers are small and sit together in small clusters on old wood. The fruit of B. indica is a yellow-white, fleshy berry. Nicodemia is one of the old time house plants that was used extensively from the 1920's to 1940's and is receiving serious interest by tropical bonsai enthusiasts. In the summer it can be kept outdoors. In winter, the plant can stay in a cool unheated room. Once the surface of the substrate is slightly dry, the soil should be watered. When the plant is in the winter cold, it should be watered less. Keep the soil barely moist and if you use rainwater, be careful as it could be acidic. Use warm water. Avoid using cold water! It can shock tender roots. Fill watering can with tepid water or allow cold water to sit for a while to come to room temperature before watering. Roots need oxygen to breathe: do not allow plants to sit in a tray filled with water. This will only promote disease. Broom shape and the upright forms can be obtained by selective pruning. The cascade form can be created by wiring or clamps. Parlor Oak can be propagated by cuttings.

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