05 February 2010

Chinese elm 'Frosty'

Today I repotted the 'Frosty' Lacebark Elm.
It had been a semi-cascade bonsai, but the lower branch had reverted to larger green leaves so I had layered it off last summer. The pot has a narrow opening in the top so the roots had to be sawed off so it could fit through the opening.

Ulmus parvifolia
UL-mus par-vih-FOLE-ee-uh
The Chinese elm cultivar 'Frosty' is a slow-growing, shrubby elm with small, white-margined leaves. This species of tree has either a vase or rounded shape. Foliage is neat and medium green, bark is mottled, yielding the common name lacebark. Of most importance is this tree's resistance to Dutch elm disease. Fall color is yellow or reddish purple. Easily adaptable to many soil types and pH ranges. A wonderful urban tree or bonsai.

Keep Moist but Well Drained
Leaves sport white 'teeth' around the leaf which are very prominent in the spring and become less prominent as the summer progresses. Deciduous (looses leaves in the fall). Keep outdoors. Chinese elm have beautiful exfoliating bark that give interest to the winter landscape.

New Leaves April 2010

White fringe on the "Frosty" leaves

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