28 February 2010

Flowering Quince's blooms outrace leaves

Flowering Quince's blooms outrace leaves

Japanese flowering quince
Chanomeles speciosa, japonica
Chanomeles Ky-anom-aleez

A native to Japan, the flowering quince has been a popular shrub in home gardens for over 200 years, old timers still call it “Japonica”.

Japanese quince is suitable for cultivation as a bonsai.

Deciduous spring-blooming shrubs flower even before putting out their leaves.
They flower best in sunny positions.

This plant is hardy in USDA climate zones 5 through 9.

As bonsai, Japanese quince is most often grown in clump style. Thick trunks can be difficult to achieve as flowering quince tends to sucker from the roots. These suckers should be removed if a thick trunk is desired.

After flowering prune side-shoots and remove crossing or ill-placed stems, but remember that new growth bears next year's flowers.

Reduce watering in winter, but never allow the soil to become fully dry.

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  1. Beautiful -- I've always been a fan of Quince bonsai. I have just one -- its flowers are a coral pink.



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