23 December 2010

Indoor Bonsai Lights

Indoor Lighting for Bonsai

The ideal location of a plant for decoration may not be the ideal spot for plant growth. It is a relatively common sight to see indoor displays of Bonsai in various media but it should be understood that these are only temporary. In Japan, Bonsai are commonly brought inside for a few days at a time to be a part of a tokoname display then returned outside to recover. 

Indoor displays for a bonsai show

Gardening Indoors with H.I.D. Lights
One can grow

There is no such thing as an indoor bonsai or an indoor tree. All bonsai are naturally outdoor trees and are best grown outside. However tropical species can not tolerate freezing temperatures and in winter must be  protected from low temperatures in the winter.  Lack of adequate light intensity is the most common factor limiting the growth of plants in many areas of the home. Light provides the energy plants need to make the food required for them to grow and flower.

Growing Orchids Under Lights
Gardening Indoors
Plants are the only organisms able to use light to produce sugars, starches and other substances needed by them.  As long as they receive enough light.

The growth pattern of the plant can be a good indication. No growth may indicate poor light but could be a sign of other problems as well. A healthy plant under poor light may develop longer internodes (length of stem between leaves). Leaves may develop larger than normal on some plants (stretching to increase the amount of energy received). The color of many plants in poor light may be pale green, and lower leaves may yellow and drop. Supplemental Grow Lights may be needed to raise the light level. Tropical bonsai are best kept in a Indoor Greenhouse or greenhouse. One can learn the best cultivation techniques from the commercial indoor farmers................

Andre Woodward’s bonsai light sculptures

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