05 January 2010

4th Night in a Row of Freezing Temperatures

Winter arrived in Savannah and the deep freeze is expected to continue for the rest of the week!

Thursday Night we "could" see a mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow. And another blast of cold air at the end of the week forcasting a low in the TEENS here........

The covered benches are providing enough protection for our tropical Bonsai. And the temperate trees are resting nicely.


  1. We have just had extreme cold so far, but the rain (which may turn frozen) is expected Thursday afternoon. I sure hope my garden doesn't end up looking ice covered as your photos show. This just isn't the South I know. Stay warm.

    Always Growing

  2. I like my winter one freezing night at a time, not strung in a row of too many much too cold days. Where's a good Gulf breeze from the south when we need it?

    I've bragged about never having snow -- please, Lord, don't send sleet, and let the propane last. At temps above 37F we don't need gas, electric is sufficient. Oh, and please don't let the power fail in the middle of the night again. Old people don't need to get up and haul out a generator.



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