02 April 2011

Bonsai Kitty: the hoax that will not die

Now there are:

Bonsai Kitty Plush

Bonsai Kitten Christmas Tree Ornaments

Archived Bonsai Kitten

Famous internet hoaxes

The Museum of Hoaxes 

Lollipop and Tiger play
in the Bald Cypress Forest

Taxodium distichum
a deciduous tree inhabiting
swamps along the larger rivers
in the southern part of
the United States.

Bald Cypress are frequently planted in groups in a single container, forming a "Bonsai forest."

Bonsai Kittens

Kittens at play in Bonsai

Real Bonsai Kittens

From the Greek bryo (sprout) and phyllon (leaf)
Bryophyllum form plantlets on the leaf edges--thus known as
"Mother of Thousands" and "Life Plants"
appeal strongly to all children, of all ages.
Madagascar natives that are the most easily grown Kalanchoes


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