03 August 2008

Green Island fig

Ficus microcarpa
-Green Island fig
Robust tree that does well both indoors and out. Can tolerate low light, but grows more strongly with high light & warmth. Grows extensive banyan roots & has fruits. Ficus are tropical-prefer 55F°+. Never allow Ficus to freeze. Slightly moist soil, But do not let the soil dry out. Fertilize at one-third strength. Prune to maintain the size & shape. When the latex dries, it forms its own natural seal. Be aware that this latex can produce skin rashes on those who are sensitive.

Also a fungus (Schaeropsis) that creates galls on wounded branches, can be transfered from plant to plant when this latex sticks to the shears or fingers. Keep tools and fingers clean and disinfected. However, not all galls are fungus related.



  1. How often should you fertilize a Green Island Fig? I haven't fertilized mine yet because I thought it was in dormancy. Then the bottom leaves of every branch have one by one turned yellow with spots. I want to save it!! I figure this is because I have not fertilized it yet, but I'm really not sure. I would greatly appreciate your help!!

  2. "bottom leaves of every branch have one by one turned yellow"
    Some loss of leaves during the winter is to be expected, but make sure that the soil is not very wet. http://bonsaibeginnings.blogspot.com/2008/02/water.html
    Is there any new growth or is she resting? Tropicals do not always go completely dormant, but they do slow down, they have more of a wet/dry cycle than a cold/hot cycle. How long have you had the tree? Unless you have had it for 2 years or more I doubt that fertilizer would be the problem. Even then I would not give any high nitrogen until spring.
    Leaves dropping off slowly -----------------Too much water
    Leaves drop off suddenly--------------------Too dry, too cold, or gas
    Bottom leaves are yellow--------------------A few are to be expected
    Leaves are pale or yellowish----------------Too little or too much light
    Lack of nitrogen or iron
    Plant thin & etiolated ---------------------Too little light
    Growth stunted------------------------------No drainage hole
    Too heavy a soil mix
    Leaves have dry tips------------------------Humidity too low or
    soil too wet
    Leaves rolling up---------------------------Cold Drafts, Insects

  3. There is actually a lot of new growth on the plant. I have had this bonsai for about a month or two. I guess I have been watering it too much. Thank you so much! Your reply helped a ton.

  4. I have just been given a Green Island Fig and believe it has a chinese meaning and name on this particular bonsia. Would you pls send me a little info eg fortune tree, meaning also a boy etc. Thanking you Jillian.

  5. Just love my new Green Island Fig which was given to me as a gift after loosing my young adult son. Does this Bonsai have a meaning behind it in name of eg fortune tree or maybe Boy in Chinese naming???? Manythanks Jillian.



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