08 July 2011

Spirea as a Bonsai

A good shohin subject

Spirea japonica
Little Princess Spirea

Tiny serrated leaves are short and stout
Spirea japonica blooms in late spring to early summer with clusters of dainty light pink or white flowers.

A cluster of dainty flowers.

Little Princess Spirea
Spirea japonica

Foliage: Mint green.
Fall color: Dark red.
Zone: 4-8.
a good shohin subject

Spirea, Saxifrage, Curly Mondo
in a Kusamono

Keep outdoors in partial sun
Will tolerate freezing to 30 F
They withstand winters even farther north protect from strong winds and severe cold but do not bring inside to a warm place
Keep the soil damp- not wet but do not let the soil dry out
Fertilize at half strength during the growing season & keep the soil acidity high
Trim new growth to maintain the tree form, size and shape.
Remove suckers from the trunk base as they appear.

Spiraea japonica 'Alpina'
small leaves on short, wiry branches
 tipped with a cluster of light pink flowers.

Spiraea japonica 'Alpina'
Pruned and other plants removed

Spiraea japonica is easily grown in medium wet well-drained soil in part shade.
Wire with care, the thicker trunks and branches are quite brittle

Spiraea japonica 'Shirobana'
offers deep rose, pink and white
flowers on the same plant. 

Spiraea japonica 'Shirobana'
after pruning

clusters of dainty flowers
Little Princess Spirea

Flowering can be prolonged
through regular removal
of faded flower heads.

Little Princess Spirea
Spirea japonica

Spireas all have small leaves and fine, twiggy branches.
Once established in the landscape, they are drought tolerant.
Spirea japonica begins blooming in late spring and continues off and on through the summer.

The traditional Bridal-wreath spirea
features rows of showy white flower clusters
along the length of arching branches.

A Little Princess   Reprint Spirea alpina 1784-1788 Shohin Bonsai: Majesty in Miniature: Unlocking the Secrets of Small Trees

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