25 June 2011

Willow Leaf Fig

Willow Leaf Ficus

Ficus salicifolia, Ficus neriifolia, Ficus subulata
and even Ficus mexicana ........................ now: Ficus salicaria

Willow Leaf Fig thrives on heat, humidity, and sunlight. And is ideal for the banyan style, depicting a beautiful forest. The banyan style is one in which the tree has aerial roots that become trunks in addition to the "main trunk". During the winter, even with added humidity, don't panic if the leaves slowly fall off. It is resting. Treat it like a dormant deciduous tree, reduce water and give no food. In the spring it will grow new leaves. The tree responds well to wiring but if the tree is growing vigorously can scar rather quickly. The tree can also be grown using the clip and grow technique. It thrives in shallow pots and hardly needs any roots for growth. The Willow Leaf Ficus sometimes makes a small fig. Regular defoliation can help develop ramification, cut the leaves just above the petiole.    

I started training this tree as a bonsai in 1993

In 1997

In 2009

In 2011

Even though it is a tree of "uncertain provenance", it is the best ficus for bonsai training.


Pictures of incredible Willow Leaf Fig  

Los IncreĆ­bles Higuerones / Incredible Fig TreesThe ABC's of Indoor Ficus Trees (Abc's of Indoor Plants, Vol 1)Figs


  1. It looks like podocarpus. Beautiful plant and like the way it has been shaped over the years. Lovely!

  2. Hi Bill,
    Nice post. I love this ficus of many names....LOL

    BTW- We just saw Enrique Castano last night at KAWA, and he says that this species has its origins as a witches broom from Ficus Retusa.....interesting huh?!?



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