20 September 2011

time to prepare the winter quarters

When will the 2011 Ice Age begin?

We are having the first cool mornings in Savannah forewarning of the soon-to-come autumn. With that snap in the air, it’s time to prepare the winter quarters of the cold sensitive trees............... 

  • Each winter, on average, our risk of frost is from November 24 through March 1.
  • Almost certainly, however, we will receive frost from December 14 through February 10.
  • We are almost guaranteed that we will not get frost from March 20 through November 4.
  • Our frost-free growing season is around 268 days.

November 21-30

light, moderate, or hard?
  • Light freeze: 29°F to 32°F—tender plants killed, with little destructive effect on other vegetation.
  • Moderate freeze: 25°F to 28°F—widely destructive effect on most vegetation, with heavy damage to fruit blossoms and tender and semi-hardy plants.
  • Severe freeze: 24°F and colder—damage to most plants.


New Benches 

Ficus Burtt davyi "nana"

The level of available potassium in the soil will increase a tree’s frost resistance.

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Blame It on the Blizzard\Deep Freeze\Melting Point     Deep Freeze      When Hell Freezes Over: A Novel  

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