24 November 2011

A Thanksgiving snow in Savannah

The wind was blowing and the temperature dropping yesterday afternoon, and I saw snow flurries outside! White flakes kept flying by as I ate. This illusion was created by a hedge of Sea Myrtle growing upwind of the restaurant. In late summer and early fall small dandelion-like seed cover the tree, giving it a snow covered look. Now the winds are blowing trillions of the feathery seed across the lawn.

Snowy flower-heads 
Baccharis halimifolia

Sea Myrtle
Eastern Baccharis


Groundsel tree is a common evergreen large shrub or small tree of moist areas edges and wastelands; it is quite showy when it flowers. Tolerant of saltwater spray, Sea Myrtle is one of the few eastern shrubs suitable for planting near the marsh.

Fuzzy Flowers 

The flowers attract butterflies and the tree provides wildlife food and cover.

Salt Bush grows in moist edges

Miniature paint brushes 

 Eastern Baccharis

showy when it flowers.


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