10 April 2010

Cherokee Rose

Cherokee Rose
Rosier Blanc de Neige
Snow-White Rose
blooming now

Rosa (RO-zuh)

Georgia State Flower

The 'Cherokee Rose' is a climber which blooms once a year, weaving springtime garlands of large, white flowers, cascading through adjacent trees and shrubs. Native to China, Cherokee rose has naturalized across much of the southeastern United States. Be sure that you have plenty of room for it is vigorous, happily climbing into trees upwards of 20 feet. Stems are arching canes with large hooked thorns making an effective screening and barrier plant.

The Legend of the Cherokee Rose

"Trail Where They Cried" (Nunna-da-ul-tsun-yi)

The pure white petals represent the women's tears shed during the Cherokee removal

Trail of Tears

Cherokee Rose planted in a Bonsai pot

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