25 April 2008


Two live oaks that sparked a protest on Wilmington Island are now stumps, but their destruction has prompted more action on behalf of the county's tree canopy.
appreciate the canopy of Live Oaks along Johnny Mercer Blvd. The Wilmington Island Hester and Zipperer is hosting the SAVE OUR TREES petition. Please go by the store and support the trees whose shade has fallen upon our great-grandparents, so that it may, one day, fall upon our great-grandchildren as well.

"We the undersigned, angered by the cutting of two live oaks on Wilmington Island, wish to inform you we will do anything within our power to prevent the destruction of any more canopy trees on county rights of way anywhere in Chatham County."

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  1. SMN letter to the editor:
    Island residents get political snow job
    Chatham County Commissioner Pat Farrell called a meeting to explain why the canopy trees on Johnny Mercer Boulevard and Penn Waller had to be destroyed. Instead, what occurred was a "snow job' of blizzard proportions.

    Pete Liakakis' snow came in the form of a campaign speech about absolutely nothing to do with the chopped down tress. Instead he claimed to be the "Johnny Appleseed" of Chatham planting hundreds of trees --- not relevant except to the snow-job. Twenty minutes later, David Lock took another 20 minutes talking about his job in the District Attorney's Office. Nice talk but more snow.

    Then the final blast of snow came from Captain Bronson of the Islands Precinct. He treated 150 people jammed into a small meeting with a grade-school lecture about what police do for a living. Still no talk, but lots of snow, about the cutting down of the trees.

    When the room got restless a body guard from Paris Island jumped in and told everyone they should act "civil" while the MPC dummy up on them. With about 10 minutes left in the meeting, a city engineer finally got up and started the explain why cars have got to have 300 feet to turn into the property. The trees where in the way so one had to go, but we cut two down just to be sure.

    By this time the snow storm was getting so bad that many started to leave, while others juiced up for a battle. Captain Bronson should install the motto in the room, "If you don't have the facts dazzle them with B.S."




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