20 July 2009


Greek (pyr), fire + (akantha), thorn
Pyracantha (pĭr'əkăn'thə)
FirethornGod's Barbed Wire

The Eurasian evergreen’s primary claim to fame comes from its glorious ‘berries’
Family: Rosaceae
Leaves: oval, dark green, shiny, 1 to 1 1/2in long
Flowers: clusters of cream white flowers, 1/4in diameter
Fruits: The pomes are extremely bitter to human taste, but are consumed by a variety of birds that have quite a ‘pyracantha party’ until there are no fruit left. Flowers and fruits appear on year-old wood.
Hardiness: to 10°F Avoid freezing winds throughout the winter periods.
In cold climates Pyracantha would be a Cool House Bonsai
Soil: good drainage; tolerates alkaline soil
Pruning: can be pruned very hard and will adapt.... they make great topiaries and espaliers; it is easy to shape them as you wish. However pyracantha is thorny-son-of-a-gun and working with them is an adventure in impaling. After all they are called “fire thorn”!
one of the best shrubs for a wildlife garden

Pyracantha Bonsai

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  1. This plant is well known in Russia. Its berries are used to make oils that have healing qualities. Thank you for featuring this plant!



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