27 January 2012

the "Karate Kid" tree


Green Mound Juniper

  Green Mound Juniper
Japanese Dwarf Garden Juniper
the "Karate Kid" tree

Green Mound Juniper need to
experience seasonal changes
and should be kept
outdoors year round.

The Japanese landscaper uses the Japanese Garden Juniper for shaping around stones; it oozes around objects in a natural way and the dense foliage takes on the windblown look all by itself. It can become a real specimen in small spaces.

Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' is strongly identified with the art of bonsai.

The Japanese garden juniper mounds on itself with age.  A mature mass planting reminds one of a choppy sea.  The natural movement of the trunk and branches captures the essence of bonsai.

If exposed to cold, the tree develops
 a purple cast or "bronzing" in winter.   

In the depth of winter cold, many junipers’ green foliage turn a purplish bronze.   Bronzing is caused by mild desiccation over winter. The depth of the bronze tends to deepen on plants exposed to full sun and extreme cold. This is a natural phenomenon and the green returns once temperatures warm and the tree begins growing again. To prevent bronzing, protect the tree from frost and strong winds; however, the tree needs to be kept cool for dormancy. 

This winter color change
 is a natural phenomenon. 


  • Keep Outdoors in a sunny location.
  • Spray water daily through the foliage.
  • Water when the soil moderately dries, but do not let the soil dry out.
  • Fertilize at one-third strength during the growing season.
  • Finger-pinch the new growth to maintain the size & shape
  • A great plant for beginners.

Juniperus procumbens "Nana"


Green Mound Juniper
After wiring and bending

Green Mound Juniper
Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'
cascade 2010

Green Mound Juniper
Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'
cascade 2007

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