04 April 2010

My Jaboticaba Bonsai Flowering!

eugenia caulifora
Brazilian Grape Tree

The Jaboticaba, a native to southern Brazil, is a member of the Myrtle family. The new leaves are pinkish and change to green with a leathery texture.

The botanical name "Cauliflora" means that it bears flowers and fruit on the trunk and mature branches. The trunk and branches become covered with clusters of small white blooms. That eventually develop into dark berries; these fruits are delicious and suitable to make jams, jellies and wine. The thin exfoliating bark creates a mottled appearance on the trunk and branches.

Jaboticaba is frost sensitive and needs some overhead protection during winter months.

Jaboticaba as a bonsai

Repot only in warm weather

May 15 2010


  1. I've been wanting a jaboticaba for some time now and its supposedly of marginal hardiness here in Jax. Maybe I'll start one as a bonsai! Great blog by the way: I can't wait to see more.

  2. No problemo. I have a wonderful jaboticaba bonsai that has been quite comfy from 90 deg. F to 50 deg.F. When the nights get below 50 on a regular basis (say 45), I bring it inside and grow it under Fluorescent lights in my living room.They have been know to survive temps as low as 18, when in the ground. It is native to hilly country as high as 3000 ft. and it gets chilly up there.

    Reid, The Treeherd



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