22 February 2009

Seeds Beginning to Sprout

Checked the fridge today and...........

The Japanese Maple Acer palmatum seeds are beginning to Sprout

There is no such thing as bonsai seed. The packs of seed we see marked as such, are just ordinary tree seeds, although they are a good source of seeds for exotic species: trident maple, Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Grey Bark Elm, Japanese Maple, etc.

And all of the Wisteria seed:

Wisteria blooms

Japanese Maple Seedlings

There are many ways to grow bonsai; you can grow bonsai from seeds.
Growing 'misho' bonsai from seedlings costs less and is very rewarding.


First True leaves:



  1. Great post....Nice information of Beginning to sprout.....
    Sydney Plumber

  2. I am attempting to grow a Wisteria bonsai rock garden, i have something sprouted but it looks like a tall piece of grass. What are these plants supposed to look like at infancY? thanks.

  3. The Wisteria should show true leaves in 4 days as in the 2-27-2009 Wisteria picture above.

  4. Hi, do wisteria seeds sprout in fridge? The temperature here seems like made them mold when I tried to germinate them in all the way =( Thx

  5. Mine sprout in fridge. Perhaps they were too wet. I wrap them in the moist paper towel, with no puddles of water, and place that in a sealed baggie



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