29 April 2013

Satsuki blooming!

Rhododendron indicum
Satsuki hybrids

Satsuki means "fifth moon" of the lunar calendar,
and bloom in May and early June.

 To some these varieties extend  the Azalea flower season
to others they unacceptably bloom "out of season".......

The Azalea species need the soil to be moist and the air to be humid.
Azaleas are flamboyant flowering shrubs, producing masses of bright flowers

Shohin Satsuki Azalea "Goko"

From Robert Mahler's workshop
Joy of Bonsai 2009
Kawa Bonsai Society

The Azalea species need the soil to be moist and the air to be humid.
Please remember that although these plants
can be brought indoors for show at flowering time,
They need to experience seasonal changes
 Grow Satsuki out of doors year round

The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

May 25 - Jun 2

Satsuki Bonsai Azaleas of Old Japan

Colorful cultivars of late-blooming Satsuki azaleas have been hybridized in Japan for hundreds of years. Many of our azalea bonsai were started from cuttings collected in Japan in the last century. This annual exhibit showcases our most spectacular examples in a one-week indoor display. Based on individual bloom times, trees may be on display in the outdoor pavilions before and after the indoor exhibit. 

Satsuki Azaleas for Bonsai and Azalea Enthusiasts Azaleas Bonsai Today #1 May - June 1989

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