02 June 2013

Jaboticaba- Juicy Fruit Tree

The fresh fruits are delicious
 eaten like a Muscadine grape

Eugenia caulifora
Myrciaria cauliflora
Plinia cauliflora

Fruit are ripe now
And they are so good!

Brazilian Grape Tree

The Jaboticaba, a native to southern Brazil, is a member of the Myrtle family. The new leaves are pinkish and change to green with a leathery texture.

The botanical name "Cauliflora" means that it bears flowers and fruit on the trunk and mature branches. The trunk and branches become covered with clusters of small white blooms. That eventually develop into dark berries; these fruits are delicious and suitable to make jams, jellies and wine. The thin exfoliating bark creates a mottled appearance on the trunk and branches.

bears flowers and fruit on the trunk

Jaboticaba is frost sensitive and needs some overhead protection during winter months.

Jaboticaba as a bonsai

A bonsai Jaboticaba at the
Sanctuary Bonsai nursery
in East Hartford, CT


Re-pot only in warm weather

The fresh fruits are delicious, eaten like a Muscadine grape by squeezing the fruit between the thumb and forefinger, the skin splits and the pulp slips into the mouth. They are suitable to make jams, jellies and wine.

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