20 December 2009

Four Seasons: Acer Palmatum

Japanese Maple or Mountain Maple

Japanese: irohamomiji

Acer Palmatum (AY-sir pal-MAY-tum) brings year round interest, with many kinds of foliage shapes, colors and textures. One of the finest subjects for Bonsai, this one has multiple trunks that join close to the ground. The brilliant fall foliage lights up the garden, and the slender twigs and branches provide winter interest. Seedlings are beautiful in their own way; each slightly different from one another. These trees are slightly different, each turning a slightly different fall color in sequence. In the spring they also leaf out at different times. Maples should be placed outdoors where there is good air movement

1 comment:

  1. Nice progression of photos Bill. I love maples, and especially enjoy their changing color.

    Thanks for sharing!



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